The Link Between the Arts, Health and Wellness

The Link Between the Arts, Health and Wellness 

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Nutrition and exercise seem to be the buzz words for being healthy and maintaining mental wellness. Our advice includes having a good sleep routine, practicing relaxation, and having a good social network.  Are you looking for something else to add to your toolbox? Why not try the arts?

The Arts, Health and Wellness

The link between the arts and health and well-being goes back many years.  In fact, the use of the arts in health has been increasing for the past thirty years. The “arts” are more than just drawing and painting. They include music, dance and movement, writing, sculpture, woodwork, mosaics, jewelry making, fiber art printmaking and more.

At The Art Center Highland Park those activities are all under one roof. You don’t need to be an “artist” or a professional crafts person to benefit from doing these activities. The act of being creative is the key and it can help decrease everyday stress and anxieties. Participating in the arts can also help with depression, increase positive emotions and, in some cases, even improve immune system functioning. And, if you create art within a group setting, you can form supportive relationships and friendships. Creativity is increasingly being validated as a potent mind-body approach to address a variety of challenges. Why not give it a try?

Try a Winter Class

Beat your Cabin Fever and check out our classes that will get your feet tapping, your brain working and let you walk out feeling energized and creative.

New dance classes:

  • Adult Swing and Foxtrot Class, guaranteed to put a spring in your step and a smile on your face
  • Adult Cha Cha and Tango Class: put a Latin beat to your winter blues

Feeling musical, try one of these classes:

  • The Basics of Blues Guitar
  • Creative Guitar Ensemble for Beginners
  • Life Rhythms Drum Circle

To get your creative juices flowing:

  • Illustrated Words
  • Your Brain Your Art
  • The Joy Project: Art and Wellness
  • Journaling for Self Care

When you are ready to become a professional artist find the opportunities here:

Art and Healing Network  Click here
The Arts and Healing Network offers a list of possible grant and sponsorship opportunities through a robust database that is searchable by location and media.  The database is extensive and covers many different venues. It’s worth exploring.

Health and Wellness programs underwritten by NorthShore University HealthSystem