The New Project Gallery Welcomes its First Artist-In-Residence

The New Project Gallery Welcomes its First Artist-In-Residence

TAC unveils its new Project Gallery. This space acts as a studio gallery for working artists to participate in artist residencies. It’s located downstairs on TAC’s studio level, where classes, camps, and workshops are held throughout the week.

The first artist to commemorate the space is Bari Wieselman Schulman. Bari is a painter and holds a PhD in Psychology from the University of Chicago. Her background in the psychology of language informs her style, which is very gestural, full of abstract shapes that bring to mind cursive lettering, or even cave paintings and hieroglyphics. She has filled the gallery with her work on paper, wood, and fabric, and will soon host an artist discussion on May 30th.

Bari will work on select days in the Project Gallery throughout May and June, using it as a studio and exhibition space to showcase her work as it evolves in real-time. She has named the current body of work, which adorns the walls in swaths of color, chaotic coherence coherent chaos.

With the Project Gallery finished, we hope the students and guests at The Center are inspired by seeing a working artist creating freely. Stop by to see the Project Gallery anytime during TAC gallery hours, Mon-Sat, 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

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