Board of Directors

The Art Center’s talented Board of Directors consists of dedicated professionals who lend their talents to our vision and mission, enabling our professional team to deliver high-value programming throughout the year.

Dave Wigodner, President
Barbara Abelson, Vice President
Paula Winter, Secretary
Laurence Segil, Treasurer
Yumi Ross, Past-President

Richard Basofin
Michelle Field
Sumara Fireside
Elise Frost
Susan Hahn
Jeri Netter Henoch
Al Klairmont
Paul Martinez
Seth Pines
Elizabeth Tenner
Lauri K Zessar

Interested in joining our Board? Email us at


The Art Works Circle

 Former board of directors members upon whose service we have built the successes of today, who continue to support our possibility for tomorrow.

Nancy Becker
Jody Berns
Marla Gilbert
Shana Guthman
Debbie Hall
Janea Harris
Irene Hoffman
David Meek
Abby Neumann
Jonathan Plotkin
Nicki Woldenberg