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March 3-April 8

Sitting piece of artwork

Opening Reception: March 3, 5:30-8:00pm 

BeLonging: The Work of Indira Johnson (Center Gallery)

The Art Center Highland Park features the art of sculptor, community artist, and nonviolence educator Indira Freitas Johnson. BeLonging, combines ethereal ‘longing’ with a tangible sense of ‘being,’ approaching definitions of identity and immigration with duality and depth.

Johnson is a visionary whose work binds the body into nature. From the fragility of fabric to the bending of wire into hands and feet, her recurring themes merge material and form, bridging the existence between two cultures, linking place and person, body and spirit. BeLonging walks us through those spaces in the quiet reverie of belonging to something greater than ourselves, allowing us to unravel the complexities of life.

What Does Freedom Look Like?  (Cindi Elkins Gallery)


Inspired by Johnson’s dedication to activism and mission towards “nonviolence through art,” TAC called for artists to address the theme of freedom. The works selected express what freedom looks like to the individual, the community, and the world. In political terms, freedom of expression is foundational in a democracy. Without it, societies descend into authoritarianism, fascism, and dictatorship. This powerful exhibition is a call for action through peace, hope, dialogue, and reflection that examines our perceptions of life around us.

Congratulations artists: Mary Apikos, Raissa Bailey, Peter Bialecki, Marzena Bukowska, Sara Peak Convery, David Curry, Carisha Davis, Ellen Fishman, Laura Frazier, Donna Bliss, Barbara Goldsmith, Diana Leviton Gondek, Set Gozo, Curtis Grayson, Lisa Hadesman, Karl Johnson, Makeba Kedem-DuBose, Cynthia Kerby, Ginny Krueger, Carol Spielman Lezak, Terry Luc, Lynn Mackenzie, Robert Magrisso, Andrew Maxedon, Jennifer McNulty, Margoth Vargas Moreno, Stephen Murphy, Jill Nahrstedt, Mark Nelson, Kristen Neveu, Diana Noh, Joanna Pinsky, Denise Presnell, Cindy Robin, Ann Rosen, Catherine Schwalbe, Samuel Schwindt, Natalie Shaw, Sampy Sicada, Barb Sistak Baur, Joanne Vena