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VOICES & VISIONS VIII; Standing on the Bridge between Health and Disease

August 5-September 24, 2022

Opening Reception: August 5, 5:30-8:00pm

Voices and Visions, Standing on the Bridge Between Health and Disease explores the issues surrounding cancer in a profound way. In light of recent events of gun violence, we look at this biennial exhibition under a new lens, examining both the fragility and strength of the body in order to find meaning and to cope with the reality of facing our mortality. We come together as a community to seek the power of art on healing.

First presented in 2010 as an exhibit about breast and ovarian cancer, Voices & Visions has expanded to deal with all cancers. At the same time, the exhibit remains committed to emphasizing women’s health, especially concerning the recent challenges to women’s rights and their ability to make decisions about their own health and well-being.

In 2022, Voices & Visions focuses on the word, HOPE, presenting the most recent work by Ellen Sandor & (art)n. This collaboration with curator/artist Caren Helene Rudman called, “A Burst of Hope,” uses Rudman’s Previving Series imagery after undergoing life-saving surgeries as a result of her inherited affliction with the BRCA-Gene. Ellen Sandor & (art)n, with Diana Torres, Azadeh Gholizadeh, juxtapose the layers of texture from the images with the scientific sculptural renderings of CRISPR, allowing the viewer to enter through this short film into a journey of strength, beauty, and HOPE for a future where the gene can be altered.

In keeping with the theme of HOPE, TAC honors artist Clara Tomaz, whose story of incredible strength and perseverance, exemplifies the meaning of HOPE. While undergoing the challenges of her cancer, including the loss of her ability to speak, she created a powerful video documenting her story. What is even more remarkable and inspiring is that in spite of and in response to her battle, she went back to school to study art and is currently TAC’s Social Media Manager!

Each year, Voices & Visions poses a question to the community to be exhibited alongside the artwork. In 2022, we ask:

How do you remain hopeful when surrounded by the realities of cancer? 

The significance of this group exhibition reinforces the need for creative expression in the face of challenges. We want to thank the following participants for sharing their powerful work for this meaningful exhibition:

Ricardo Santos Hernandez, Laura Sexton, Kristin Ashley, Sandie Bacon, Patrick Bell. Sara Peak Convery, Cristy Corso, Catherine-Esther Cowie, Levern Dahlman, Emily Eldred, David Feingold, Laura Frazier, Kathleen Gallo, Mark Goodmanson, Eric Hamlin, John Hatlestad, Adair Heitmann, Jeanine Hill-Soldner, Dream in Color, Indira Johnson, Judith Joseph, Cynthia Kerby, Kendra Kett, Janet Krehbiel Pieracci, Krysti Lee, Lezlie Lenz, Bert Leveille, Warren Perlstein, Larann Persons, Dawn Petrill, Ellen Sandor & (art)n with Diana Torres, Azadeh Gholizadeh, Cherie Sampson, Amber Sesnick, Laura Sexton, Robert Simmons, Leah Soloff, David Terrar

Each Voices & Visions, we celebrate and acknowledge the amazing artist and community member, Jackie Sabath, whose spirit and strength shone throughout her life. With the help of the Sabath family,  The Jackie Sabath Exhibition Fund has been created to carry on her legacy by helping TAC’s future exhibitions, social awareness, and educational outreach.

Caren Helene Rudman, Curator