Little student from ‘Create, Build, Perform’ class posing with the ninja costume he created at The Art Center Highland Park
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Sculpture made by Indira Freitas Johnson. Its overall shape is reminiscent of an eye, with two stair sets that interloop with each other to create the eye shape. The inner pupil of the eye is made up of two hands grabbing onto a small wheel. Where the wrists of the hands meet a hose extends outward toward the viewer, ending with the head of a hammer. The mouth of the hose extends away from the viewer on the other side of the wheel.
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This is a performance of 3 men for the spring benefit, Ignite Passion event. The one on the right is playing guitar, the one on the left is playing the keyboard, and the one in the middle is singing to the audience. In the foreground are different types of flowers with varying colors. Behind the men are abstract paintings with graffiti, glitter, and quotes from artist's personal journal.
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