So Much Good Under One Roof

So Much Good Under One Roof


Recently The Art Center once again played host to the Annual Awards Ceremony of The Highland Park Community Foundation. Each October grant recipients gather for a 90-minute meet and greet event during which they receive their grants for the coming fiscal year. None of the recipients know the amount of the award ahead of time and that adds to the excitement of getting together. Each group takes a photo with their HPCF Foundation Liaison and everyone is all smiles. It is a congenial and fun event, but it is also a seriously necessary part of life in our communities – Highland Park and Highwood.

The HPCF is a blessing to Gratitude Generation, not only because it helps provide funds to increase our programming and reach more people, but also because the leaders of the foundation are cheerleaders and personal supporters of our mission.

Nicki Sutherland, Executive Director, Gratitude Generation

Like the theme of the HPCF annual fundraiser, Gather for Good, the awards ceremony is a gathering of good people from good organizations who do good things for others: Cancer Wellness Center, Highland Park Community Early Learning Center, Midwest Young Artists Conservatory, Northern Illinois Food Bank, Highwood Library, Highland Park Library, plus some fifty or so others. This year, the HPCF distributed 63 annual grant awards, totaling $746,925 – $133,725 more than in 2021. The effect of this entity is exponential in creating services as they fulfill their promise to support organizations and programs that address the unmet needs of our community and expand opportunities for all Highland Park and Highwood residents.

The Bitter Jester Music Festival has been able to expand and improve its offerings to the Highland Park community – taking them to the next level – because of the HP Community Foundation’s financial and structural support.

Nic DeGrazia, Bitter Jester Music Festival

The good work of the Highland Park Community Foundation was the reason behind TAC honoring them for their 30th anniversary during our last Annual Spring Benefit. During the worst days of COVID HPCF sent out emails with resources for the community, including emergency funding for urgent needs, and they were the first (and best) choice to lead the July 4th Shooting Response Fund, award Golden Apples to exceptional educators, administer the Jack Blane Community Service Award, and consistently find new ways to serve the community.

The Highland Park Community Foundation is a critical partner in our efforts to bridge equity for those who are marginalized in our community. We are grateful for our partnership and look forward to continuing to collaborate in this effort.

Carmen Patlan, Executive Director, Highwood Library

The Art Center Highland Park has long been a grateful recipient of an annual grant from the foundation and it is one of our larger gifts, making our education, exhibits, events, and community-building programs possible. We invite our community to support and acknowledge the great work they do for all of us.

The Highland Park Community Foundation has repeatedly made the Library’s Note for Note concert series possible, bringing diverse cultural experiences to our community through music and often dancing in the aisles!

Heidi Smith, Executive Director, Highland Park Library


More information can be found by visiting their site.