Bad News from Amazon – Missed Opportunity

Bad News from Amazon – Missed Opportunity

Dear Charity Administrator,

AmazonSmile when it works!

We have just completed AmazonSmile donation disbursements for the 2018 Q4 disbursement cycle to organizations that generated the $5 minimum disbursement amount or more. The Art Center Highland Park (EIN: 36-xxxxxx) will not be receiving a donation this quarter from the AmazonSmile Foundation because your donation balance was less than the $5 minimum disbursement amount. Don’t worry – we will hold your donation and add it to a disbursement in a future quarter. For more details, visit and click on the Receive Donations tab.

Drive more donations to your organization with these two tips:

  1. Receive in-kind donations with AmazonSmile Charity Lists
    Your supporters can donate items directly to The Art Center Highland Park by purchasing from your Charity Lists. You can create multiple Charity Lists and add almost any item sold at To learn more about Charity Lists, sign in to using your xxxxxxxxx  e-mail address.

    2. Engage your supporters during major shopping holidays
    Many of your supporters do their holiday shopping at Amazon, so it’s a great time to remind them to go to to generate donations for The Art Center Highland Park. Plan ahead for the next big holiday: Mother’s Day, on May 12.