Victoria Marchio – What is your Green?

Victoria Marchio – What is your Green?



Acrylic paint on canvas

3- 12×12 panels

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Is the grass always greener on the other side? 

Living during this global pandemic, what we face is an example of an immense, collective liminal space.

What is Liminal Space?

Liminal space is an inner state and sometimes an outer situation where we can begin to think and act in new ways. It is where we are betwixt and between, having left one room or stage of life but not yet entered the next. We usually enter liminal space when our former way of being is challenged or changed. It is a graced time, but often does not feel “graced” in any way. In such space, we are not certain or in control. Liminal space is where we are most teachable, often because we are most humbled. It invites us to discover and live from broader perspectives and with much deeper seeing.