Victoria Marchio – 10:05

Victoria Marchio – 10:05



Phototransfer with acrylic on canvas

36” x 36″

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Time – 10:05

Place – US-23 – Intersection of Carpenter Road & Packer Road

Date – March 18, 1955

Who – 44-year-old, Louis S. Marchio 

How – Instantly killed – car accident – DOA – Skull Fracture

During Covid-19 I had time to reflect and research a moment in the Marchio’s family history that forever changed the foundation of our loving Italian family. My Grandfather was killed instantly in a car accident after a visit with my Dad a Freshman at U of M. Covid-19 made me realize many things… I took a serious pause in my Whirling Dervish lifestyle. This pause has been a gift that has given me time to reflect on how precious life truly is.  How we all take the simple things in life for granted, love, kindness, family, friendship and freedom.