Lisa Kinzelberg – Wrinkled Earth

Lisa Kinzelberg – Wrinkled Earth



Oil and acrylic on canvas

36 x 36″

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“Wrinkled Earth” and “Rough Seas,” like the titles suggest, are apocalyptic, dizzying and all-encompassing. Visually, they are also resolved and calm, transmitting a quiet yet powerful energy (the calm before and after the storm). I created these works only days prior to the emergence of Covid-19 and they could not be more relevant as they address all of us, having a “pan” – or “all”—nature to them – and they are particularly “choppy.” I added white acrylic over the oil to emphasize cracks, deterioration and weather and to fossilize, preserve and give documentation to the energy.

 My work deals with how we experience as conscious beings. For example, in “Wrinkled Earth,” reminiscent of our planet from a distance, we feel awe and quiet calm. Yet there is rawness, physicality, turbulence and atmospheres. The resolution of “energies” (often contradictions) within us is what my art attempts to document and celebrate.

 In terms of my technique, I paint like a drummer or conductor, with a lot of emphasis on rhythm and movement. I intentionally interrupt lines, sculpt and compose the surfaces of my compositions, strategically covering and revealing markings to produce a highly evocative composition, color field, texture and energy. Many pieces of mine evoke urban buildings and natural surfaces, like water, stone, rock, pavement, sky and brick.