Merrilee Hepler – Visiting Mom

Merrilee Hepler – Visiting Mom



Canvas on board, photo images, and acrylic paint

13in x 19in

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Beginnings and endings intrigue me as they continually challenge the ability to plan one’s life. They inform many of my projects and have shaped my artistic vision. This has come about from working many years in personal and professional roles that provide a unique view of the human experience. My work centers on memory and its impact on the self; how it evolves and how it is impacted by experience, time, space, routine, environment, and possessions. With Covid, these experiences become even more profound.

Through monoprints, mixed media, and painting, my work explores a continuum of experience over time focusing on the psycho-social importance of objects, experiences, and the impact of loss.

Of Time & Place is the perfect description of the impact of Covid on my personal experience – both fear and silver linings.  Emotionally, the profound change in connections with my family and friends that I took for granted is now more important. I’ve changed my work life to be more available to my 95-year old mother and my adult children who are balancing work and family. I’ve always believed “it takes a village,” but now I find I’m actively changing my life to be actively present to be a more real contributor. The mixed media piece titled “Visiting Mom” captures the outside/inside experience of quarantine and the importance of such visits.