Kate Gibson & Emily Van Walleghen – June: Unequal Application



Fabric, Thread

72in x 50in

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In mid-March, the US shut down, and those who could retreated to their homes, drew the curtains, and waited as the Covid-19 pandemic began to sweep across the country. Private boundaries, public health, and politics have interwoven creating a national tapestry filled with tangles and tears. We explore public COVID-19 data and its visual representations and how both can be misinterpreted or used to mislead by re-interpreting technical depictions of data using historically female-gendered domestic techniques.

Covectors is the collaboration between Kate Gibson (MFA, Painting and Printmaking, University of Cincinnati) and Emily Van Walleghen (MFA, Fine and Studio Art, University of Cincinnati; PhD, Human Nutrition, Food, and Exercise, Virginia Tech).