Pop-Up with Jimi P.

Pop-Up with Jimi P.

Friday, July 7, from 1-8 PM* Abstract mixed-media work by Jimi P. title “Bless You'
Saturday, July 8, from 10-4 PM
Friday, July 14, from 1-4 PM
Saturday, July 15, from 10-4 PM



*Opening Reception – Friday, July 7, 5:30-8 PM with LIVE music performed by Nancy Popular. There will be an open bar with LIVE music performed by Nancy Popular. The ‘pop-up’ nature of the exhibit means it will come and go quickly.

Jimi P, the ‘P’ is for Paszkiewicz, is an interdisciplinary Chicago-based artist who has been working since 2017. His practice involves a combination of screenprinting, photography, videography, and various painting and drawing methods. Instinct and the subconscious play major roles in his work, facilitated by his abstract and gestural painting style. Jimi’s work seeks to raise questions about what delineates legitimacy and highlight the importance of influences in making art.

This Bless You! exhibit is informed by the impulse reaction when we hear another person sneeze and is a metaphor for Jimi’s approach to art making. He responds intuitively to images, places, ideas, and his self-taught style of art reflects that energy and impulse – but it’s not random and is full of raw energy. Between his apparel and canvases, there is something for everyone.