Opening Reception | Absurdity: In Dada we Trust

Friday, Jun 23, 2023

5:30pm – 8:00pm

A Festival of Absurdity in a World Gone Mad

Dadaism was a movement with explicitly political overtones – a reaction to the senselessness of WWI. It essentially declared war against war, countering the absurdity of the establishment’s descent into chaos with its own kind of nonsense. Our version of Dadaism reignites the reaction to the political divisiveness, increased violence, and tensions within communities seen today through a similar lens of propaganda. Chicago is the perfect place to react and act.

Action: Each artist and/or institution will create either an exhibition or individual works of art (both for public outdoor spaces and indoor galleries) that address the definition of Absurdity. Galleries will act as separate entities with different iterations, curating their spaces how they see fit, from selected artists to call for entry exhibitions, as long as the focus revolves around the theme of absurdity.

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The Art Center Highland Park
1957 Sheridan Rd
Highland Park, IL, 60035

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