Partition Anti-Memorial Project: Pritika Chowdhry

Friday, Aug 11, 2023 – Saturday, Sep 23, 2023

10:00am – 4:00pm

“In 2007, on the 60th anniversary of India’s Partition, socio-political and activist artist Pritika Chowdhry created her first work in response to the Partition, titled Queering Mother India. As Chowdhry researched feminist historiographies and recounts from her own family she soon found that the glorified storytelling surrounding the Partition of India failed to include experiences of women, marginalized groups, and global ties. As her research progressed, a complex web of interconnected geopolitical events emerged. Continuing to build on the series by excavating counter-memories each large-scale installation or anti-memorial functions as an entry point to healing processes and bearing witness.”

Borders & Boundaries Redefined-(Cindi Elkins Gallery)

Call for entry with a broad interpretation about how we define space, whether the literal borders in art, or the arbitrary lines delineating physical spaces such as states and countries, or the symbolic boundaries that separate self from others. We are searching for art that explores how we define borders, stretching the confines and constrictions that often come with “staying in the lines”.

Opening Reception: August 11, 5:30-8:00pm
August 15- end of partition closing event

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The Art Center Highland Park
1957 Sheridan Rd
Highland Park, IL, 60035

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