Board of Directors

TAC’s talented Board of Directors focuses their efforts on marketing and fundraising so that TAC can continue to fill and offer the large amount of ever increasing scholarship requests from youth, teens, adults and seniors. This year the Board was able to assist in fulfilling 280 scholarships from over 350 requests and bring the joy of art to our scholarship recipients, TAC members, students, and supporters who come from over 40 surrounding Chicagoland communities to imagine, enjoy and create at TAC.

Gwen Heyman, President
Lauri K. Zessar, Executive Vice President
Michelle Field, Vice President
Shana Guthman, Vice President
David Meek, Treasurer
Jody Berns, Secretary
Deborah Hall, Ex-Officio

Barbara Abelson
Elise Frost
Alyse Gamson
Marla Gilbert
Al Klairmont
Jackie Kott-Wolle
Mark Landau
Donna Lindquist
Amy Perlmutter
Seth Pines
Yumi Ross
Rochelle Rubinoff
Laurence Segil
Wren Williams