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Ephemera: The Power of Impermanence

May 7 – June 12, 2021

Benefit: May 8 (Ticketed Event)

Artist Reception: May 21, 5:30 (TBD Zoom or Outdoor)

Victoria Fuller- Many Suns

The Art Center Highland Park (TAC) is looking forward to bringing the community together for an ‘alive and well’ art experience. For the last year, we have been extending work outwards into the community, from virtual exhibits to art in our windows. Now, we invite the talents of artists to fill our walls (and floors) with the many ephemeral art processes that span the range of impermanence. 

The formal definition of ephemeral art includes, “art that only occurs once, like a happening, and cannot be embodied in any lasting object to be shown in a museum or gallery.” However, The Art Center Highland Park is looking to take street art off the street and bring it into the galleries! TAC, with guest juror, Victoria Fuller, selected artists to participate in this unique exhibit with diverse mediums and art forms.  From chalk and graffiti, to video and performance, we want to fill the center with art and energy.

A wide interpretation of the theme was considered as we expand our definition to include art that reflects the transient nature of things existing in the natural world. It is not mandatory that work use ephemeral material if the work addresses or represents that which is  ephemeral and/or impermanent.

The exhibit will coincide with our annual benefit on May 8th. Community members will have the opportunity to share in the exhibit both within our galleries as well as extending into their own homes by purchasing chalk art kits, spreading creativity with chalk art!

Featured Artists: Victoria Fuller (Juror) and Nate Baranowski
Aviva Alter, Sandie Bacon, Lisa Barcy, alice becker, Mia Capodilupo, Marian Carow, Cleveland Dean, Erik DeBat, Sherri Denault, Jeff Evans, Susan Fireside, Christine Forni, Ann-Marie Greenberg, John Hatlestad, Alan Emerson Hicks, Suzanne Horwitz, Layne Jackson, Gary Justis, Kim Laurel and Fletcher Hayes, Alex Ledermeier, Ellen Lustig, James Lynch, Kelly Mathews, Renee McGinnis, Nancy Natow-Cassidy, Deborah Newmark, Marilyn Propp, Gina Robbins, Smith Robertson, Heather Sepanik, Camille Silverman, Allison Svoboda, Howard Tatar, Kathy Weaver, Lynn West, Toby Zallman

Nate Baranowski: Nate is a street painter, muralist, and fine artist based in Chicago, IL. He holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, where his passion for street painting began. Nate is a versatile artist experienced with a range of mediums, including large chalk murals, indoor and outdoor painted murals, acrylic on canvas, and various forms of digital painting and concept art. He specializes in creating 3D artwork that looks like it pops right out of the ground or wall.  From temporary installations to permanent painted murals, Nate can add a splash of creativity to any environment.

Chicago artist Victoria Fuller has an MFA from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, and in 2020 She was awarded the Dean Alan Olson Purchase Award at the Rockford Art Museum and Best of Show in the 2021 Evanston and Vicinity Biennial. In 2019 she was awarded the DCASE Independent Artist Project Grant and an Illinois Arts Council CAAP Grant, in 2009. She also received fellowship awards from Illinois Arts Council and from the Colorado Council on the Arts and Humanities. She completed artist residencies at both Ragdale Foundation and at Sculpture Space. Her large-scale public sculpture “Shoe of Shoes” is in the collection of Caleres Shoes in St. Louis. Her sculptures have been commissioned by Sound Transit in Seattle, Comed in Chicago, and Arts in Transit in St, Louis. Her large-scale public sculpture, titled ”Canoe Fan,” was purchased by the city of Ann Arbor and installed in Gallop Park. She has been featured in Sculpture Magazine, Bad at Sports, Hyperallergic, Scientific American Blog, Seattle Times, Chicago Tribune, and Western Art and Architecture Magazine.

“My work focuses on systems of man and nature and the impact of that nexus, revealing the phenomenon of life and the science behind it. I play with appropriated objects, assembled into sculptures and installations, which reflect natural forms or explore human psychology, and I make direct depictions of nature contrasted with human systems. My most recent exhibition featured an installation of eight iterations of the sun with a NASA sun video. My new work is an inflatable sculpture of the Extinct Northern White Rhino, inflating and deflating on a three-minute sequence, showing its glory and decline.” Victoria Fuller