Victoria Fuller – Many Suns (Octopus Sun)


Mixed Media installation

Woven basket, cast resin, acrylic paint


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My work revolves around and is influenced by science and nature. The installation, Many Suns is a celebration of and tribute to the sun; a universal symbol depicted in every culture, and without which life would not exist. Anthropological research into different ages and cultures, shows the sun depicted as a radiating sphere, and has been worshiped as a God or giver of life in different cultures. These eight playful depictions of the sun are my personal “anthropological” interpretations and tributes to the giver of life. One of the sun depictions is an actual NASA video of the sun, with sun flares occurring in a looped sequence, which has been altered through animation with additional solar flares. The sun is a star, and the video installation has a simplified graphic depiction of a star overlaid on top of it, as a mark of human culture, which uses graphic depictions of natural phenomenon as a means of simplifying communication.