Suzanne Horwitz – Ceaseless Task



Disposable cardboard dress form, graphite and conte crayon

26” x 20” x 6”

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Almost every aspect of daily life in ancient times involved water; agriculture, animal care, cooking, bathing and hydration. Young women typically have the daily chore of drawing water from wells to supply the household.

Today, around the world, 2.1 billion people are without access to clean water. Just as in ancient times, the water collecting task remains a job for women and girls, who often trek long distances to get water to meet their families basic needs. The time demands are enormous. They travel to wells or pumps only to wait in line, and then carry a heavy loads (40-100lbs.), often several times a day.

Fetching water can also be dangerous with conflicts at water points and the danger of physical injury or sexual assault. The aftereffect of this burdensome task is that it prevents many girls from being able to go to school regularly, and women from lost opportunities. 

This image of a bare female back with a well is drawn on a cardboard mannequin used for storing formal dresses after cleaning. I drew this woman’s back on the front of the form, obscuring the form. Using a disposable medium reflects many societies view of women and the ephemeral nature of their work.