Shirley Nannini – Elephant Train



Photographic print mounted on dibond / floater frame





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When you are a photographer art happens in two phases: the first is taking the photograph and the second is editing your images.  Quarantine gave me the time to really focus on editing my new body of work.  As I went through the process, it occurred to me that in America the African animals are caged and we are “usually” free. However, during quarantine the African animals, in their natural habitat, are free and we are caged.  Made me think.

Ten years ago, if I saw an animal in captivity, I could appreciate its beauty. But going to Africa and having the privilege of seeing animals in their world is magical. To sit and observe their secrets unfolding before you are mesmerizing. You watch, immersed in the unusual experience of lions climbing trees and if you look carefully you can see another lion, thirty feet away, hiding behind a bush stalking a warthog.  After my first time in Africa, I left with a profound reverence I hadn’t expected.  The majesty of the animals and, for a photographer, the endless visual possibilities, has become somewhat of an obsession.