Sherri Denault – Stability and Flow No. 3



India ink, textured spray paint, Thai gossamer paper, and thread on mineral paper. 

14″ x 11″

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Ephemerality exists in all aspects of the creative process – time, thought, and the act of creating the piece of art itself. While immersed in nature, I think of the visuals that wind and water present to me as a temporary message, a gesture of transition. As I’m intrigued by the undeniably beautiful patterns and textures nature presents, I ponder what the message means. Am I just to let the image simply come and go, am I to further investigate how it interacts with thought, or is there something more profound that brings my attention to a fleeting encounter? I trust that my memory will take in the fragments of information that I need to further investigate through my creative practice. My artwork is inspired by nature and the mingling of nature and thought, and also by my curiosity of a specific media and the discovery of pushing the limits. I work intuitively through the use of mixed media. Embellishments of thread, stitching and/or knots are added to slow the process, to hold on just a bit longer.