Kim Laurel and Fletcher Hayes – Seeking Hope – A Nature Journal



Photograph compositing

80” x 64”

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Our investigation is predicated upon seeking and embracing nature in the solitude of the Covid-19 pandemic. We hiked Illinois parks and preserves, documenting flora, fauna, and objects of interest and created land art. Our land installations are metaphors for hope and healing energy for the world. We used color pigments in the outdoor installation and in the virtual photographic study of the site and forms we created. In the virtual photographic study, we built on existing site colorations and created expanded colored shapes. We plan for future real-world installations and photographic collage journals of our experiences.

Once we had established our site we returned on a weekly basis to refresh the pigments, sticks and rocks as well as expand the structures. We found that other hikers had interacted and added to the site. The motivation to build comes naturally to humanity, whether it is for a needed shelter or propelled by a primal drive to create and play. On one occasion we gave an impromptu talk to a pod of school children hiking with their teachers. They recognized working with the sand, sticks and rocks as a basic form of play and enjoyed the idea of it being an art form pursued by adults as well.

Site Update: as of April 2021 our land art installation has returned to nature. Our travels and creations were all impermanent and fleeting, but well worth pursuing as a return to a humanity-in-nature experience and a metaphor for hope, healing and life.