Camille Silverman – Memory of a Mountain



Installation: paper, plastic, rope, paint, ink, scissors

12”ft x 16”ft x 14”ft 

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I like the idea of going into a site from a position of unknowing, taking a bit of information as a prompt and then following where it leads. My recent works have dealt with discovering places and the vernacular of the objects found in my neighborhood in the Belmont Cragin area of Chicago. In the work, paper, scissors, plastic, rope: Memory of a Mountain, I reconstructed a waterfall from memory using materials from an urban environment, much like one would build a fort in childhood.

Curiosity and improvisation often produce more questions and possibilities. Through this process permutations and possibilities emerge for me and hopefully for all those that encounter it. There is a trust that weaves in and out of the making of work, in that it is what it needs to be.