Previous Exhibitions

Previous Exhibitions

US: All People Everything AND THEM: All People Everywhere

February 19- April 17, 2020
Susan Block
Robin L. Power









In a polarized world, what does it mean to be an ‘us?’ Is it grouping people together personally, as in the us of our family or community? Or is it political, grouping us by party, by race, by gender, or by place of origin? Artists, Robin Powers and Susan Block, define US by connecting all people, everything. Their sense of form represented in their work is based on the commonality of the human condition.

TAC Galleries put out an open call searching for the juried exhibition, THEM: All People Everywhere. Featured artists/guest jurors, Susan Block and Robin Powers, selected from submission work that explores how systems of labeling “other” lead to systemic discrimation, racism and conflict. In this extremely divisive era, how do we overcome the “us versus them” mentality? What brings US together? Inspired by the call to action by Toni Morrison, 

“This Is Precisely The Time When Artists Go To Work. There Is No Time For Despair, No Place For Self-pity, No Need For Silence, No Room For Fear. We Speak, We Write, We Do Language. That Is How Civilizations Heal.” 

TAC Galleries are replacing the word versus with the conjunction AND in order to break down these kinds of divisions. Our hope is to redefine “other” or “them” to encompass a larger use of “us,” reflecting a more realistic mirror image, providing feedback of what is around us in a more inclusive representational way.

Susan Block and Robin Powers are featured artists and guest jurors

Contributing Artists: Kelly Burke, Lindsay Cronk, Faith Hagenhofer, Lisa Kinzelberg, John Kirkpatrick, Melissa Lampl, Tom LaPann, Jennifer Levine, Roberta Malkin, Elaine Miller, Tena Russ, Sarah Sipling, Cheryl Steiger, Nancy Wieting

City Gallery Art Stroll 2021

February 12- April 2

City Gallery Art Stroll 2021

The Art Center Highland Park and Art Makers North combine efforts to create a unique exhibit , ‘What the World Needs Now . . .’ The answer, of course, is twofold: Love AND Art!

This ‘pop up’ exhibit is scheduled to begin on Friday, February 12th, as a positive step to countermand the difficulties of exhibiting art during a pandemic and provides a safe activity for those who have been homebound. The interpretation of the theme ‘Love’ will be loosely interpreted.

Of Time & Place

These are dynamic times! Due to Covid 19, The Art Center Highland Park Galleries had to adjust our exhibits to accommodate a changing schedule. This kind of fluidity has distorted our perspectives and shaken our foundation, inspiring the theme, Of Time & Place. The work explores how the pandemic has changed our perspectives of how we pass time, where we quarantine, and with whom with create bubbles of contact. The galleries have been adjusted to adhere to spacial restrictions, defying the confines of our usual gallery places. As a result, the juror, Victoria Marchio, was able to include outdoor works and installations.

Many of the pieces in the exhibit suggests a fleeting, ungrounded and fragmented shift in our notions of shelter and time, while others reflect the ‘bubbles’ in both literal and symbolic ways. While the shelter in place may have lifted, the altered sense of life post-pandemic has continued to alter perceptions. Time has moved both quickly and slowly. There exists an uncertainty, however, at the same time, there remains a constant in the reality of a global shared experience.  The individual experiences can be different, but the international existence of a shared experience becomes the history that shapes who we are as a culture. It is incumbent on artists to reflect our responses to our situations that help us form meaning.

artists: Victoria Marchio, Michael Banning, Alice Becker, Stephen Butzlaff, Jack Chernyakova-Itskovich, Vanessa Filley, Nona C. Flores, Katherine Gibson, Carol Hammerman, Merrilee Hepler, Deborah Hirshfield, Marilyn Hollander, Doina Iacob, Sebastien Johnson, Lisa Kinzelberg, Jill Kolker, Jamie Kost, Boruch Lev, Terry Luc, Raymond McKenzie, Daniel Oliver, Sandra Perlow, Kenneth Probst, Molly Rivera, Kathryn Rodrigues, Verna Todd, Paul Waters, Aaron Wilder, Sunny Yeung, Lisa Youngdahl, Samantha Younis

Juror bio: Victoria Marchio

Día de los Muertos: A Celebration of Life

The Art Center Highland Park presents an exhibition with the theme of the Day of the Dead, (el Día de los Muertos) a Mexican holiday where families welcome back the souls of their deceased relatives for a brief reunion that includes the deceased favorite food, drink and music. A blend of Mesoamerican ritual, European religion and Spanish culture, the holiday is celebrated every year during All Souls Day and All Saints Day (November 1 & 2).


Featured Artist/ Guest Juror: René Arceo 

Participating artists: Per Anderson, Jose Agustin Andreu, Rene Arceo, Atlan Arceo-Witzl, Lisa Marie Barber, Carlos Barberena, Tomas Bringas, Catherine Cajandig, Mizraim Cardenas, Mario E Castillo, Juan De Dios Mora, Nicolas De Jesus, Alma Dominguez, Juan R Fuentes, Trinidad Gabriel, Liliana Gerardi, Celeste Jaime, Judith Joseph, Al Krueger, Javier Lara, Kim Laurel, Fulgencio Lazo, Poli Marichal, Rosanna Mark-Andreu, Antonio Martorell, Kristin Meller, Dolores Mercado, Oscar Moya, Veronique Murail, Mark Nelson, Francisco R. Onate, Angel Pahuamba, Hyunju Park, Marcela Ramirez, Rodrigo Tavera, John Weber, Kelly Witte

Altars by Working Together

Caren Helene Rudman, Curator

El Art Center Highland Park (TACHP) presenta una exposición con el tema de Día de los Muertos, un día festivo en México donde las familias le dan la bienvenida las almas de los familiares fallecidos durante una breve reunión que incluye comida, bebida, y la música favorita de los difuntos. Una mezcla entre ritual mesoamericano, religión europea, cultura española, este periodo festivo se celebra durante el día de todas las almas y todos los santos (noviembre 1 y 2).

Jurado Invitado: René Arceo 

Artistas Participantes: Per Anderson, José Agustín Andreu, René Arceo, Atlan Arceo-Witzl, Lisa Marie Barber, Carlos Barberena, Tomas Bringas, Catherine Cajandig, Mizraim Cárdenas, Mario E. Castillo, Juan De Dios Mora, Nicolás De Jesús, Alma Domínguez, Juan R. Fuentes, Trinidad Gabriel, Liliana Gerardi, Celeste Jaime, Judith Joseph, Al Krueger, Javier Lara, Kim Laurel, Fulgencio Lazo, Poli Marichal, Rosanna Mark-Andreu, Antonio Martorell, Kristin Meller, Dolores Mercado, Oscar Moya, Veronique Murail, Mark Nelson, Francisco R. Oñate, Ángel Pahuamba, Hyunju Park, Marcela Ramírez, Rodrigo Tavera, John Weber, Kelly Witte

Altares, Working Together

Caren Helene Rudman, Curadora

Voices & Visions, Standing on the Bridge Between Health and Disease

Voices & Visions, Standing on the Bridge Between Health and Disease will be on display  August 14 through September 26, 2020, at The Art Center Highland Park (TACHP). The seventh biennial exhibit of V&V with the theme that aims to express the many ways cancer can be interpreted, literally and symbolically. TAC invited artists to submit works that address issues pertaining to cancer, from fear and facing mortality to finding strength and building community. Whether a survivor, previvor, caregiver, or just someone that has been touched by cancer or the fear of it, this exhibit seeks to find meaning and put into context how pain and suffering can lead to empowerment and healing.

Day 134

Each year, event founder and TAC curator, Caren Helene Rudmanposes a question for the community to answer which are exhibited along side of the artwork. In 2020, the question posed: ‘​How have healthcare providers and/ or caregivers, friends and/or family members helped you through your journey in dealing with cancer and its effects? ​Share an act of kindness that stands out or resonates, and feel free to recognize those by name.​”

Congratulations to artists: Dr. Elana Ashley, Donna Bliss, David Brodsky, Leslie Carrara-Rudolph, Aimee Clinger, Heather Cox, VA. dePintor, Michael Gallagher, Noelle Garcia, Erin McNamara, Robbi Montgomery, Warren Perlstein, Rebecca Roberts-Kerns, Caren Helene Rudman, Lilach Schrag, Heather Sepanik, Corrina Sephora, Aya Tsuchiya, Elena Van den Akker, Nancy VanKanegan, Kaitlin Walsh, Richard Zeid

Caren Helene Rudman, Curator and juror: 


Guest Jurors: Marketa Sivek (image) and Collaboration Team: Anoush Bargamian and Thomas C. Buechele (image)


Together, TACHP has merged these two open calls, exhibiting the work side by side to express LOVE AND COLLABORATION.


February Youth Art Month!

February 4-12: District 113


February 14-24: District 112



For our second year, TACHP teams with the Highland Park Police Department and Edgewood Middle School, inspired by the International Program. Photovoice combines photography with social change and self-portraiture.  The HP police asked students at Edgewood to create a photograph to reveal what a healthy life means to them. “It’s all about choices. Students are faced with making choices every day. The most important choices they are faced with often have an impact on their health and well-being.”Edgewood Students have joined in partnership with the Highland Park Police Department, and the Highland Park Art Center, in a PhotoVoice Art Gallery Event, showcasing student’s artwork and captions about Feeling Good!

Students have…..

  1. Created an art piece or photo…
  2. The students have typed a brief narrative describing their creative and innovative piece. Their narratives explain what they see and feel when they look at their artwork or photo! Inspire change and Feeling Good!
  3. The Highland Park Police Department framed the projects and The Highland Park Art Center will feature the art work at the PhotoVoice Exhibit

All Galleries: In View: Member & Faculty Exhibition

January 10-January 31, 2020

December 6, 2019-January 4, 2020

Judith Roth: A Life’s Work

Judith Roth, revered Chicago artist, loving mother, grandmother aunt, cousin, teacher, and friend, passed away from cancer on February 9, 2019 at the age of 83.

Judith taught figure drawing and painting for many years at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago; Columbia College IL; the Suburban Fine Arts Center (now The Art Center Highland Park); The Figurative Art League; and the Adler House. Her awards are many including purchase prizes and she received an Illinois Arts Council Project Completion Grant, which led to a one-person show at The Illinois Arts Council. Her prolific career included many exhibitions and her art is held in numerous private and corporate collections. Judith served as president and vice president of the Chicago Women’s Caucus for Art (CWCA) and was an affiliate member of the ARC Gallery. One of her biggest contributions to Chicago was founding the Ravenswood ArtWalk (RAW) to engage her community via the CWCA .She was also appointed to the CTA Brown Line “Arts in Transit” panel and honored by the Ravenswood Community Council “in recognition and appreciation for outstanding dedication and service to the Ravenswood Community”.

TACHP is honored to partner with the Roth family to exhibit the Judith Roth retrospective.

“Her breathtaking artwork is a tribute to her amazing ability to absorb the beauty, passion, and color of life.”

Ritual & Spirituality

Submission Deadline: November 7, 5:00pm

As a society we often focus on ‘difference’; this is a trend we’ve seen increase over the past few years at an alarming rate. TACHP is looking for art that reflects the commonality between all cultures when viewed through the lens of ‘ritual and spirituality’. This might include ordinary objects, motifs, symbols and metaphors that symbolize the topics as well. For an example: we find commonality in movements during prayer, sips of wine, lighting candles, and community service. This exhibit may serve to show that beyond ‘religion’, sect, theism of any type (including ‘anti-’) there is more similarity than difference, more that unites than separates,


Guest Juror: Gabriela Leyva

Exhibiting artists: Joan Ackerman-Zimny, Cosima Aryee, Jody Berns, Michael Birnbaum, David Criner, Cellou Diallo, Chelle Diederich, Edward Doxtator, Judy Duggan-McCormack, Lou Eberhard, Gennaro Falco, Michael Fitzgerald, Maura Freeman, Cynthia Goldring, Mark Goodmanson, Randy Hall, Jim Hendrick, Susan Holtz, Judith Joseph, Ausrine Kerr, Heather Killian, Colleen Koziara, Melissa Lampl, Laurie LeBreton, Beatriz Ledesma, Maggie McConnell, Susan Anne Russell, Howard Schwartz, Tobi Star Abrams, Mindy Tiberi, Ryan Tuck, Teresa Wendorff

November 4-December 5, 2019

Pastels: Seventh Biennial National Juried Open Exhibition 2019

The Chicago Pastel Painters, with over a hundred members from both the Midwest and many states around the nation and founded 15 years ago, is excited to present its Seventh Biennial National Juried Open Exhibition, Pastels Chicago 2019. This show will exhibit 98 works of art, all executed in the medium of pastel, by the most elite pastel painters from across the country and Canada. A diversity of visual styles and subject matter will be represented. The aspiration of the Chicago Pastel Painters is to educate the public about the beauty and permanence of pastels as a viable medium in the world of fine art.




  Guest Jurors: Ciro Quintana and Peter Mars Congratulations to Artists:Michael Birnbaum, Jeffrey Brooks, David Carlson, Veronica Clements, Sarah Delson, Jessica Eastburn, Crissy Field, Robert Fields, Alyse Gamson, Alexander Gashunin, Ray Genereux, Clive Knights, Terry Luc, Kelly Mathews, Joseph Mayernik, Beth McCoy, Anita Miller, Gigi Salij, Stuart South, Karen Sutker, Linda Weber, Chunbo Zhang


Exhibition Dates: August 9-October 2, 2019

IMPACT Color IMPACT Black & White

How do we measure the impact of Color or Black and White? TACHP will be filling our galleries with these concurrent themes in one exhibition, highlighting the dichotomies between color and black and white in terms of art. A bold sense of color can elicit a certain response, while a black and white photograph may take us to another time and place. TACHP and our guest jurors selected work whose use of color or lack thereof directs the content of the work. Color technique represents tone, feelings and emotions while the power of the work is dependent on and derived from its use even when color is absent. The exhibit pushes the theme literally and symbolically, from color theory to race, from form to intention.

Guest Jurors and featured artists (in order of images) Rhonda K. Brown, Cesar Conde, Sheri Rush

Participating artists: Chee Bravo, Stephen Butzlaff, Laura Cerf-Dahl, Irene (Rieny G.) Cualoping, Kim Curtis, Madalyn Douglass, Michelle Diederich, Becca Drach, Martinez E-B, Christopher Fowler, Jonathan Friedman, Jeanne Garrett, Shelley Gilchrist, Cynthia Goldring, Sonya Hammons, Steve Heine, Susan Holtz, Daniel Johnson, Erin Kaya, Cleo Krueger, Mara Krumins, Beatriz Ledesma, Lezlie Lenz, Cindy Lesperance, Denise Lucero, Jamie Jorndt, Linda Lutz, Kelly Mathews, Jill Meyerhoff, Scott A. Mossman, Andryea Natkin, Mary Neely, Mary Nott, Raul Ortiz, Ponnapa Prakkamakul, Kenneth Probst, Laurence Segil, Laura Stoecker, Glenn Strachan, Karen Sutker, Michael Tetrick, Michael Weinberg, Samantha Younis, Vivian Zapata


Exhibition Dates: June 14-August 3, 2019

Undercurrents: Works by Michelle Stone & Susan Smith Trees



Art Center Highland Park (TACHP) exhibits work that breaks down the boundaries of inside and outside. As space can be defined by a physical separation, without or beyond an enclosure, artists here redefine the confines of what constitutes inside and outside. A physical wall, a border, or skin are forms that outline and delineate between inside and outside, acting as protection. Our skin protects us from germs, our homes protect us from weather.  However, when we think metaphysically or spiritually, how do we describe those separations? In this compilation of artists, juried by Michelle Stone & Susan Smith Trees, the work represents the ability to break down barriers, revealing what is both inside and outside, blurring the delineations between them.

Guest jurors: Susan Smith Trees and Michelle Stone (images above)

Participating artists: Jeff Baenen, Heather Brammeier, Susan Chertkow, Eva Marie Fitzsimmons, Jeanne Garrett, Lauren Geenen, Lisa Holzl, Suzanne Horwitz, Judith Joseph, Alexis Kanarek, Jill Kolker, Mary Krebs Smyth, Mara Krumins, Jacqueline Moses (image), Scott A. Mossman, Daniel Oliver (image), Raul Ortiz, Emily Papale, Lewis Rice, Lilach Schrag, Anne Smith Stephan, Jane Stevens, Kevin Swallow, Mark Charles Weidling

Composer Christopher Birnbaum: Announcing original music inspired by the artwork & theme.



Exhibition Dates: April 26-June 8, 2019

Main Gallery: Streaming Reflections

TACHP is proud to exhibit Bert Leveille’s “Streaming Reflections” in the Main Gallery. A contemporary Chicago area artist with a Harvard, Starline studio, she creates art and art installations exploring consciousness. Collaborations include Shawn Coyle who, inspired by Leveille’s imaginative large scale art and 15 foot tunnel, choreographed the dance “Tunnel”. A collaboration with Angela Swan and Cellmod on Sept 11, 2015 evolved into a moving tribute to 911. Leveille’s mediums include video, animation, LED colored changing lighting, materials and canvas, and acrylic paint. Each installation offers a unique experience for the artist and the art viewer.


Guest Juror: Bert Leveille (image above)


In the dictionary, enlighten is defined as “to give intellectual or spiritual light to; instruct; impart knowledge to.” The Art Center Highland Park (TAC)  exhibits art that reflects the many values of LIGHT both literally and spiritually.

Congratulations artists: Joanna Aslanian, Jody Berns, Erin Bliss, Curtis Bozif, Wind Flow Photography (Candace Wark, Shirley Nannini), Laura Cerf-Dahl, Michael DeLuca, Richard Forsland, Jonathan Friedman, Lauren Geenen, Patricia RAIN Gianneschi, Susan Holtz, Alexis Kanarek, Jennifer Keyser, Deanna Krueger, Jenny Learner, Cynthia Lee, Jeffrey McMahon, Beth Peterson, Thomas Pickarski, Sarah Shotola, Jessica Smit Mattingly, Carrie Stapleton, Laura Stoecker, David Thomas, Mindy Tiberi, Mark Weidling, Ja Min Yie


April 11- April 20, 2019

CSL 2019 Art Exhibition

The 31st Annual Central Suburban League includes more than 650 visual art works from 12 area high schools will be on display Thursday, April 11th through Saturday, April 20th at The Art Center in Highland Park, 1957 N. Sheridan Road.  This show began in 1988 as an opportunity to celebrate the strong visual arts programs in each of the Central Suburban League schools.  This non-competitive show highlights artworks in all mediums from each of the participating consortium high schools including: Deerfield, Evanston, Glenbrook North, Glenbrook South, Highland Park, Maine East, Maine South, Maine West, New Trier, Niles North, Niles West, and Vernon Hills.

An opening reception, free of charge and open to the public, will be held on Thursday, April 11th, from 5:30 – 7:30 p.m.

Exhibition Dates: March 1- April 7, 2019

Opening Reception: March 1, 5:30-7:30pm

Artist Talk with Judy Norris: March 15, 2019, 5:00pm

In the main gallery: A Look Within: Judy Norris & Suzette Bross

TACHP exhibits two Chicago artists who explore the representation of self and others through art. Judy Norris has been painting for fifty years, with a prolific collection of works often reflecting her own life.  As a kind of visual diary, there is a complexity between herself and viewer as her self portraits do not look us in the eye, but rather she turns her back to us, leading us further into her private world. By Contrast, Suzette Bross’ For the Glass, transforms the traditional portrait by turning a digital flatbed scanner into a contemporary version of the photographic plate. “Meditating on the tradition of portraiture, Bross mimics the sharp details and imperfections in the surfaces of 19th-century studio portraits. Her relationship with her subjects becomes a performative act of photographing.” By pushing technology into the past, Bross creates an intimacy with her subjects, including herself through her own self portrait.  Together, their work exemplifies a commonality of self expression seen through very different lenses.

Lecture Gallery: Beyond the Selfie  

The Art Center Highland Park (TACHP) presents a juried exhibition of work that reaches beyond the traditional concept of a self-portrait. With over 75 entries, our guest jurors, Judy Norris and Suzette Bross, chose art that reflects interpretations of the self-portrait theme . In today’s obsession with “Selfies,” we found that often artists push the boundaries of self-expression and  representation.  

Congratulations Artists: Cosima Aryee, Jooeun Bae, Hayley Bean, Ina Beierle, Jody Berns, Claire Brassell, Kandi Champagne Cook, Samuel Fisch, Lauren Geenen, Patricia RAIN Gianneschi, Candi Hall, David Hauptschein, Steve Juras, Mary Krebs Smyth, Al Krueger, David Kutz, Anne Leuck, Terry Luc, Ara Lucia, Julie Ludwick, Andrew Maxedon, Janet McNulty, Te Moore, Karena Nelson, Anna Redwine, Tamzin J. Richie, Tara Riley, Anne Rowell, Karmel Sabri, Rana Sadek, Anita Seltzer, Heather Sepanik, Ali Seradge, Erin Smego, Karen Smith, Mark Stafford, Kerra Taylor, Gale Trausch, Nikki Vismara, Ashley Young

Guest Jurors:Judy Norris (image left)  & Suzette Bross (image right)
Judy Norris is a Chicago based artist explores the self, identity, and relationships to family. She is inspired by personal tales, the environment, and cultures around the world. Her work embodies much from her own life, including a series and book dealing with the sense of grief from the loss of her son. Her self portraits defy the usual expectations of defining the self with a sense of humor and realism tied together.

Suzette Bross is a photographer living and working in Chicago, Illinois. Her work is in the permanent collections of The Art Institute of Chicago, the Cleveland Museum of Art, the Museum of Contemporary Photography in Chicago, the New Britain Museum of American Art, Mary and Leigh Block Museum of Art and more. With an MFA from the Institute of Design at IIT, Bross has taught at Columbia College Chicago, the Milwaukee Institute of Art & Design and the Northwestern University Medical School. Her work has been exhibited internationally and across the United States. Her series, For the Glass, was featured in solo exhibitions at the Chicago Artists Coalition and Lehman Arts Center in North Andover, MA, Geary Contemporary booth at EXPO Chicago 2016, and as the first exhibition in the Chicago Google Artist Initiative. The series pushes the boundaries of portraiture.

East Gallery- Express Your Selfie @ TAC

TACHP facilitates an interactive self-portrait activity, initiated by Director of Education, Mindy Tiberi. Visitors to the gallery will have the opportunity to create their own self-portrait to add to our walls.   

Cortesi Gallery-PhotoVoice

TACHP teams with the Highland Park Police Department and Edgewood Middle School, inspired by the International Program, Photovoice, to combine photography with social change and self-portraiture.  The HP police has asked students at Edgewood to create a photograph to reveal what a healthy life means to them. “It’s all about choices. Students are faced with making choices every day. The most important choices they are faced with often have an impact on their health and well-being.”


February Youth Art Month- District #112

Exhibition Dates: February 14-26, 2019

Artist Reception: February 26, 5:00-6:30


In View

Exhibition Dates: January 10-January 29, 2019

Opening Reception: January 10, 5:30-7:30


The Art of Giving Back: Invisible Words and Project Resist Fear

November 8, 2018-January 5

Contributing Artists Include:

Wendy Abrams, Kelly Mathews, Michael Birnbaum, Suzette Bross, Patricia RAIN Gianneschi, Erin Kaya, Paul-Felix Montez, Justin Coe, artists from Keshet.


Voices and Visions and Women of Courage: CWCA Honors Andrea Harris

August 24 – October 4, 2018


Musicality: The Interplay Between Music and the Visual Arts AND Food Glorious Food

June 29- August 20, 2018


Impermanent Lands: Works by Nicole Gordon and Jennifer Presant

May 2 – June 25, 2018
Artist Reception: May 18, 2018 5:30-7:30

eco-ART: The Art of Human Interaction with the Environment

May 2 – June 25, 2018
Artist Reception: May 18, 2018 5:30-7:30

Jurors: eco-activist Wendy Abrams and eco-artists Nicole Gordon & Jennifer Presant

The Art Center HIghland Park (TAC) will exhibit 2 concurrent shows, focusing on how human interaction affects the environment.  The goal is to create awareness, build dialogue, and help to change specific behaviors that may negatively hurt our natural systems. The work  may include an element of recycling, reusing, and reclaiming; shedding light on the environmental problems we face in today’s world, with an emphasis on bringing about change in attitudes and awareness.

Contributing Artists: 

Nelson W Armour(image), Sandra Bacon, Ina Beierle, Ellen Campbell, Salvador Campos, Eco-Art LA (SCWCA) Collective, Dana De Ano, Doug DeWitt, Alyse Gamson, Susan Hall, Leah Hamel, Jeff Heaton, Jeanine Hill-Soldner, Deborah Hirshfield, Pearl Hirshfield, Catherine Jacobi, Lynne Jones, Kim Laurel, Gabriela Leyva, Grace Mattingly, Andrew Maxedon, Maggie Meiners, Bryan Northup, Darren Oberto, Kasia Ozga, John Paterson, Sawyer Rose, Ann Rosen, Beth Shadur, Ruth G. Sikes, Cheryl Steiger, Mindy Tiberi(image), Elizabeth van den Akker, Amanda VanValkenburg, Juliane Von Kunhardt, Jonathan Ware


Art in City Hall


Spring/Summer 2018

Come welcome Spring and celebrate the bridging of self-expression and political advocacy.

March 29th – September 10th, 2018

Opening Reception, April 9th, 2018 at 4:00

City Hall  1707 St. Johns Avenue Highland Park,  Il  60035

The Highland Park Cultural Arts  Commission and The Art Center Highland Park join together to present a dynamic exhibition of paintings, photographs and prints by Illinois residents.

Exhibiting Artists: Cheryl Steiger, Sandra Perlow, Susan Block, Elaine Friedman, Jan Keller Shultz, Linny Coale Freeman, Tobi Abrams, Winifred Godfrey, Caren Kaplan, Margoth Moreno, Jaclyn Reidy, Emma Kowalenko, Verna Todd, William King, Regina Siske, Denise Orlin, Kay Thomas, Heather Lowery, Jonathan Friedman, Winifred Godfrey (images)


Contemporary Native American Art & Journey to America

March 2- April 6, 2018

Opening Reception: March 9, 6-8pm, 2018

Contributing Artists:

Keoni Carlson, James Connolly, Noelle Garcia, Mary Krebs Smyth, Gerry Lang, Inkpa Mani Lara-Ruiz, Laura Lein-Svencner, Lezlie Lenz, Nora Moore Lloyd, Jeane McGrail, Fran Nagy, Robert Nonnemacher, Julia Oehmke, Ayanna Proctor, Tony Stenger, Howard Tatar, Karen Taylor, Frances Vail, Anne Farley Gaines, Emma Kowalenko, Gabriela Leyva, Jamie Luoto, Olena Marshall, Linda Massey, Kelly Mathews, Margoth Moreno, Juan-Carlos Perez, O. Gustavo Plascencia, Anne Redlich, Timo Rissanen, Barbara Thomas, Jessica Szuchyt, Elizabeth van den Akker, Raelis Vasquez, Mariko Ventura

2 extraordinary exhibits juxtaposing Contemporary Native American Art and Journey to America. The exhibits hung side by side will voice to individual stories, to create a dialogue in the context of the native population, each personal history and heritage affecting the true American Story. We hope to shed light on the America where diversity, with the differences of each journey at the core, shape our view and vision of how we look at immigration in America.

Guest Jurors: Kathleen Piccione and Montserrat Alsina


Youth Art Month

District 113; February 8th, 5:30-7:30pm / District 112; February 22, 5:30-7:30pm



November 8- December 20, 2017 Opening Reception: Thursday, November 16, 6:30-8:30pm


Chicago Printmakers Collective

November 8- December 20, 2017 Opening Reception: Thursday, November 16, 6:30-8:30pm


September 7-October 3, 2017
Opening: Thursday, September 7, 2017 | 6:00-8:30 p.m.

Exhibitions: Narratives in Glass

The Art Center Highland Park is pleased to announce the exhibition, Narratives in Glass, represented by Echt Gallery. This is an exquisite presentation of sculpture that explores the innovative process and artistry in contemporary glass. The exhibiting artists have had an extraordinary influence in the evolution of contemporary studio glass nationally and internationally.

This show is especially robust, including noteworthy artists: Alex Abajian + J. Lin-Hsien Kung, Chris Ahalt, Oben Abright, Christina Bothwell, Martin Blank, Dale Chihuly, Gregory Grenon, Joe Ivacic, Daniel Jacob, Mira Maylor, Lawrence Morrell, Graham Muir, Ross Richmond, Julie Rotblatt Amrany, and Janusz Walentynowicz.

Exhibitions: Moments in Time

September 7-October 3, 2017
Opening: Thursday, September 7, 2017 | 6:00-8:30 p.m.

View tExhibitions: Moments in Timehe juried photography exhibit with works from Jody Berns, Neil Cohen, Jane Feely, Chris Laughery, Brent LeBlanc, Bree McNeal, Sara Peak, Amy Perlmutter, Michael Reece, Natalie Weber, and Zhu Zhu.


The American Jewish Artists Club 2017 Awards Art Exhibition

August 4-26, 2017
Opening: Sunday, August 6, 2017 2:00-4:30 p.m.

The American Jewish Artists Club Annual Award exhibition will display members work addressing the theme Seeing Things in a New Light, artists will show their personal interpretations. A short statement by the artists will accompany the artwork, thus making the exhibit even more interesting.

The American Jewish Artists Club has a long-standing commitment to the promotion of notable talent in the arts, and has exhibited widely in the Chicago area in a multitude of venues. The club encourages its members to exhibit work of varied content and personal style. Works of many of its members, who are Illinois artists, can be found in private, national and International collections.

Oddly Enough

August 4-26, 2017
Opening: Sunday, August 6, 2017 2:00-4:30 p.m.

Artists Susan Emmerson, Elyse Martin, and Michele Thrane all use materials in quirky ways.  Emmerson uses Tyvek, draws on it, slices it with a scalpel, then heats and contorts it into three dimensional objects. Her work usually recalls microorganisms and human anatomy.  Martin makes ethereal objects out of paint and mediums. She allows for the happenstance while constantly making choices on what and what not to keep.  Thrane works in encaustic using layered monotypes that often reflect her interest in science. Some of her work is cut and “sewn” together with staples creating paper sculpture.

Perhaps because these three artists are kindred spirits, their work fits together.

Figurative Allusion

May 4 – June 25, 2017
Gala Reception: Thursday, May 4, 2017
Closing Reception: June 15, 2017 | 6:00-7:30 p.m.
Exhibiting artists: Eleanor Spiess-Ferris, Gladys Nilsson, and Sergio Gomez. Curated by Beth Shadur.

The Landscapes: Rhythm and Form in Contrast

May 4 – June 25, 2017
Gala Reception: Thursday, May 4, 2017
Closing Reception: June 15, 2017 | 6:00-7:30 p.m.
Exhibiting artists: Paula Chamlee, Amy Perlmutter, Larry Segil, and Michael A. Smith

February Youth Arts Month

February 4th – 27th, 2017

District #112: February 17th – 27th, 2017
Opening Reception: Thursday, February 23 | 5:00 – 7:00 p.m.

View the vibrant work of District #112 elementary and middle school artists from February 17-27, 2017 at TAC!  Opening Reception: Thursday, February 23rd from 5:00 – 7:00pm.

This is a TAC community outreach exhibition featuring the talented student artists from Braeside Elementary School, Edgewood Middle School, Elm Place School, Indian Trail Elementary School, Lincoln Elementary School, Northwood Jr. High School, Oak Terrace Elementary School, Ravinia Elementary School, Red Oak Elementary School, Sherwood Elementary School and Wayne Thomas Elementary School.

Joy Horwich Gallery +2 | Unseen Stories: An Exploration of the Unnoticed

November 17, 2016  – January 4, 2017
Opening Reception: Saturday, November 19th | 6:30-8:30 pm


Allegory Landscapes

November 14, 2016  – January 4, 2017
Opening Reception: Saturday, November 19th | 6:30-8:30 pm 


“Art is inevitably a reflection of ones own reality…..that of the maker as well as the viewer. I am always seeking a path between the two in the direction of a distant dream.” Jonathan Plotkin

Jill Takiff Hirsh is a lifelong artist. Jill’s wonderful parents nurtured her interest when they enrolled her at age 8 in summer art camp at The Art Center – Highland Park, then called Suburban Fine Arts Center.  Jill’s love of art progressed and she earned a BS in Art at The University of Wisconsin. Next, she studied Art Therapy and earned an MA from The School of the Art Institute of Chicago. Jill tried several careers before finding the one she likes the most-Chairman of the Board of First Bank of Highland Park. 
Creating art continues to be a source of joy. Jill often says, “Art is my meditation, my happy place,” to anyone  listening. Current works include watercolor painted whimsical characters and monotype prints. 
Jill’s awesome family teaches her through their kindness to always give to others. In the spirit of philanthropy, 50% of profits from sales of these art works will be donated to The Ark- Chicago, where Jill volunteers her time.
Action Items:  Buy my art work and enjoy it in your home. Help others. Take an art class.

The Artist Studio

November 14, 2016  – January 4, 2017
Opening Reception: Saturday, November 19th | 6:30-8:30 pm


Fall 2016 Art in City Hall

September 26, 2016 – January 6, 2016
Public Reception: Monday, 
October 24, 2016
3:30pm – 5pm
Location: Highland Park City Hall

Thank you to all participating artists, we had an outstanding turnout with over 50 submissions! Please come celebrate these talented artists and their work in our historic City Hall.

Voices & Visions V: Standing on the Bridge Between Health & Disease

September 9 – October 7, 2016
Opening Reception: Friday, September 9th | 6:30-8:30pm  
The Art Center – Highland Park is pleased to present the fifth Voices & Visions exhibit. Curated by Caren Helene Rudman, this exhibit features art that expresses how cancer can be a metaphor for so many areas of our lives, from facing one’s mortality to survival and strength. Artwork will reflect how art helps us find meaning in life’s struggles and revealing how art has the ability to empower and heal.

The Crossing Exhibition


September 9 – October 7, 2016
Opening Reception:
Friday, September 9th | 6:30-8:30pm  

The Crossing represents art at the crossroads of cultures, spiritual revelation, life, and death.  Two contemporary urban artists seeking nature; idiosyncratic yet aspiring to transcendence; speaking American with echoes of ancient languages.  This exhibit contains the work of Luis De La Torre and Judith Joseph.  Luis De La Torre’s work is filled with mystery and reverence.  He is strongly rooted in Mexican culture while grounded in life in Chicago.  Judith Joseph’s work is permeated with Jewish folklore.  She uses the style of medieval icons and manuscripts to spin tales inspired by family migration and spiritual wonderment.

The Theater of Life Exhibition: Time, Movement and the Figure

August 5 – September 6
Public Reception: Friday, August 5 | 6:30-9 pm
Performance at 7:00 pm
The Theater of Life Exhibition combines the surreal with colorful impressionism and the human form. The works in this exhibit make the viewer conscious of what moves us and what makes up our reality through an interactive exhibit that allows the viewer to feel a more complete partnership with the art. The exhibiting artists are Piotr Antonow, Laddie Odom, Cheryl Steiger and Voytek.

The Landscapes of Life

August 5 – September 6
Public Reception: Friday, August 5 | 6:30-9 pm
The Landscapes of Life Exhibition features artists distinctive visions in landscape. Exhibiting artists include Adrienne Aaronson, Ina Beierle, John Beierle, Voytek, Lauren Peterson, and Nina Weiss.



Visions of Highland Park Past & Present

Summer-2016_Historical-Society-Art-Opening-City-Hall-Invite-Final-5-24-2016Summer Art in City Hall Exhibition
June 13 – August 182016
Public Reception: Monday, June 27 | 3:30-5:00 pm
An exhibition of photo images and paintings that depict visions of Highland Park Past and Present. Photographs and paintings of Highland Park from the 19th and 20th Century will be exhibited from The Highland Park Historical Society archives, as well as artwork from present day artist visions of Highland Park. Art in City Hall is a wonderful outreach opportunity for local artists to exhibit their work, as well as gives an opportunity for all in the community to peruse and enjoy ongoing free and open to the public art exhibits at Highland Park’s historical City Hall. This exhibition is a collaboration between The Highland Park Historical Society, The Highland Park Cultural Arts Commission and The Art Center – Highland Park.

Time + Place: Ragdale’s 40th Anniversary Exhibition

RagdaleCallOutJuly 1 – August 12016
Public Reception: Sunday, July 17 | 3:00-5:00 pm
TAC is partnering with The Ragdale Foundation for the celebration of their 40th anniversary. TAC will be presenting a short series from some of the local Ragdale alumni in an exhibition titled Time + Place. The exhibition will explore the recent work of artists who have experienced a Ragdale residency.

The Art of Expression

May 5 – June 27, 2016
Public Reception: Thursday, May 19 | 6:30-9 pm
The lively works in this exhibit depict massive fields of color, shape, texture and spirit. One can feel a sense of renewal, the surge of new life and the feeling of optimism that Spring brings. The exhibition brings together the works of Vidvuds Zviedris, Michael Hedges, Darrell Roberts, Art Brenner, Melville Price, Ezio Martinelli, Lisa Nankivil and Kyle Surges. All artists in this exhibition are represented by McCormick Gallery, Chicago.

Chicago Anew

May 5 – June 27, 2016
Public Reception: Thursday, May 19 | 6:30-9 pm

Joy Horwich Galley +2 is proud to present three outstanding Chicago artists, each working uniquely within their medium including Robert Appel – painting on canvas, Carl Kock – mixed media drawing, and Allison Svoboda – ink on paper. All artists in this exhibition are represented by Joy Horwich Gallery +2.


Student Gallery: Figure Drawing & Painting Exhibition

May 19 – June 27, 2016
Public Reception: Thursday, May 19 | 6:30-9 pm
Come view the impressive show of Joan Holleb’s Figurative Drawing and Painting students work. These pieces focus on the complex subject of the human figure and dramatic color.

Words, Numbers & Symbols

Last of the Lockers by Katsy Johnson

March 4, 2016 – April 5, 2016
The Art Center – Highland Park | 1957 Sheridan Road
Words, Numbers & Symbols is an exploration of letterforms in fine art. Letterforms are defined as the unique shapes of any character of an alphabet from the standpoint of design or development. Typography surrounds us in our daily lives, yet we rarely see shapes…we just read words. Presenting Contemporary artists: Tim Yankosky, Jordan Scott, Audry Cramblit, Katsy Johnson and Carrie Ann Bronkowski.

Life at the Water’s Edge

contemporary art exhibits, abstract art exhibits, contemporary art
On view March 4 – April 5, 2016

March 4, 2016 – April 5, 2016
The Art Center – Highland Park | 1957 Sheridan Road
The work of artists Meg Siegler Callahan, Jacqueline Kott-Wolle, and Beth McElwain McKenna. The artists, who met in painting classes at TAC, have collaborated to produce work that is distinctive, yet connected for this exhibit. As students they were a part of a multi-generational group of painters who influenced and critiqued each other’s painting styles through an open exchange of ideas and trust. Their process is quite organic with the end result being work that is different, yet linked when presenting life’s treasured moments at the Water’s Edge.

Igor & Marina and Beth Kahmi

On view November 6, 2015 – January 2, 2016

KAMHI_SCULPTURE-1-November 6, 2015 – January 2, 2016
The Art Center – Highland Park | 1957 Sheridan Road
Conceptual adornment is the constant in the works of collaborative painters Igor and Marina, and sculptor Beth Kamhi. The exhibition explores supple elegance with a masterful blend of modern and traditional—representational and the abstract. Each work of art presents a layering of materials and style, with an outcome of formal elegance.

Carl Holzman

On view November 6, 2015 – January 2, 2016

November 6, 2015 – January 2, 2016
The Art Center – Highland Park | 1957 Sheridan Road
The distressed textures and dramatic lighting of vintage objects are the focus of Carl Holzman’s stunningly pristine still life paintings, on exhibit in TAC’s Lecture Gallery. The variety of pattern and textural surfaces offer an awe-inspiring experience—suggesting whispered dialog amid the suspended calm.


AV_Plotkin2Jonathan Plotkin Exhibit: October 15, 2015
ArrivaDolce | 1707 St Johns Ave., Highland Park, IL
The distressed textures and dramatic lighting of vintage objects are the focus of Carl Holzman’s stunningly pristine still life paintings, on exhibit in TAC’s Lecture Gallery. The variety of pattern and textural surfaces offer an awe-inspiring experience—suggesting whispered dialog amid the suspended calm.

Fall Art in City Hall

October 19 – December 17, 2015
Public Reception: Monday, October 26 at 4pm
Thank you to all the participants, we had an outstanding turnout with nearly 70 entries! The Art Center – Highland Park (TAC) and the Highland Park Cultural Arts Commission have decided to extend an invitation to all entrants, and would like every artist who put forth the creative effort to display their artwork in the 2015 Art is Alive show.