Jill Hurwitz

Jill has been throwing pots since 1973, and teaching ceramics since 1994. Earning her B.A. from Skidmore College in New York, she spent all her spare time in the pottery studio, and spent a summer as an apprentice for Regis Brodie, the director of ceramics at Skidmore. Another summer was spent taking ceramics at Rhode Island School of Design.  Jill has a Masters Degree in Teaching (M.A.T.) from the School for International Training in Vermont.  Her work has been displayed and sold in numerous shows, stores, and art fairs, as well as at Spectrum Gallery in Highwood, IL.


Jill began painting in January 2008, when she took a still-life painting class with colleague Diane Rath at Stirling Hall in Lake Forest. She immediately fell in love with oil painting, and has been painting steadily since. Inspired by the Old Masters, Jill is intrigued by the interplay of light and shadow on simple, everyday objects, and the emotional impact that a dab of color can inspire. Jill’s paintings have been displayed and sold at Spectrum Gallery in Highwood, IL, the R.A.W. shows in Lake Forest, as well as local shows in Lake Forest. Highland Park, and Chicago.