Caren Helene-Rudman

Caren Helene Rudman works with mixed media, photography, and writing.  She has exhibited locally in Chicago and nationally including shows in NYC. She received her MA from NYU in a program affiliated with the International Center of Photography. Since 2010 she has curated an biennial exhibition, Voices and Visions; Standing on the Bridge Between Health and Disease, at The Art Center Highland Park, which traveled nationally. Caren’s work examines the dichotomies between self and other, inside and outside, mind and body.  She delves into the notion of genetics, linking past and future generations.


I am an artist and curator with a mission to create meaningful work that explores both the fragility and strength of body and mind.

I believe that art has the ability to heal, to bring people together, and to communicate. These pictures represent my greatest accomplishments and honors- from making art to curating the 5th voices & visions exhibit, and recently teaching art and creativity to the 6th grade class at the Kibera School for Girls, in Kenya.