An Introduction to Exposure and Lightroom

September 26, 2018 @ 6:30 pm
Mindy Tiberi

As part of TAC’s partnership with Richard Stromberg’s Chicago Photography Classes, we are happy to offer Photo 1, a comprehensive class about the fundamentals of photography plus an introduction to Adobe Lightroom. There are two parts to the seven-week Photo 1: the classroom portion occurs once weekly for the seven weeks; the computer lab portion, where Lightroom is taught, occurs weeks 2 through 6 on a different night than the classroom portion. It is not required to purchase Lightroom for Photo 1.

Photo 1 classroom subjects include correct exposure (what makes the “right exposure” and why); the meaning of shutter speeds and f-stops and how to stop motion or let a “subject’s motion” blur in just the right way; and depth of field (how much of the picture you should have in focus and how to use “out of focus” in just the right way).  Each classroom session is supplemented by an assignment, so students practice what has been taught and then take their images to the computer lab for processing the following week.

In the Computer Lab portion, subjects covered include organizing photos, saving images to an external hard drive, converting color images to black & white and how to print using a high-quality, archival inkjet printer. Each week, students print their images. All this is done using Adobe Lightroom on the TAC computers.

In Photo I, and introduction to composition for photography and ways to approach the “critique” of photographs is also taught.

One of the many unique features of Photo 1 is the distinctive three-week assignment, “The Psychological Relationship between the Subject and the Photographer.”  This assignment teaches about ethics and law in photography and about the subtleties of what happens when pointing a camera at someone or someone points a camera at you.

After completing Photo 1, each student who attended all the classes and Labs should be able to reliably photograph and print with success and confidence.

Photo 1 provides the proper foundation for the more technical Digital Photo 2 and Photo 3 classes.

The Photo 1 cost, including seven weeks of classroom, fives weeks of computer lab and the necessary supplies for the class is $480.  TAC members (upon membership verification) receive a $20 discount using the coupon TACHP20 at the following link: