TAC now offers a range of classes & workshops in Printmaking! Our classes are open to all levels of experience.  Whether you are a beginner or a practiced artist, you will find that creating and experimenting with print images fundamentally strengthens your work and your growth as an artist.

The TAC print shop is equipped with a beautiful new 30″x60” Takach press, a custom built rosin box and a new professional hotplate.  The non-toxic shop uses a vertical tank ferric chloride etching bath for etching copper plates.  Tools, supplies, paper and printmaking inks are also provided.

Three types of Printmaking are offered at TAC

Monoprints & Monotypes are a “painterly” and multi-media approach to printmaking, allowing for an infinite variety of processes to create innovative, original works on paper. Artists will enjoy a greater fluency by interpreting their individual artistic visions into print.

Relief & Woodblock Printing is an experience akin to sculpture, using a subtractive process to arrive at the image. The artist carves away non-image areas from a flat panel (traditionally smoothly planed wood or linoleum), leaving raised areas, which are coated with ink to print the image. The creative development and physicality of relief printing enhances the artist’s approach to composition.

Intaglio, also knows as Copper Plate Etching enhances the depth and tone of a line drawing. This printmaking process involves etching lines and texture into a thin metal plate with engraving tools and solvents.  The etched surface is spread with ink and wiped carefully, so that the ink remains only in the recessed areas.  The plate is then printed onto paper using a high-pressure etching press.

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