Current Exhibition

Voices & Visions, Standing on the Bridge Between Health and Disease

Outdoor Artist Reception: September 11, 5:30- 7:30

Voices & Visions, Standing on the Bridge Between Health and Disease will be on display  August 14 through September 26, 2020, at The Art Center Highland Park (TACHP). The seventh biennial exhibit of V&V with the theme that aims to express the many ways cancer can be interpreted, literally and symbolically. TAC invited artists to submit works that address issues pertaining to cancer, from fear and facing mortality to finding strength and building community. Whether a survivor, previvor, caregiver, or just someone that has been touched by cancer or the fear of it, this exhibit seeks to find meaning and put into context how pain and suffering can lead to empowerment and healing.

Day 134

Each year, event founder and TAC curator, Caren Helene Rudmanposes a question for the community to answer which are exhibited along side of the artwork. In 2020, the question posed: ‘​How have healthcare providers and/ or caregivers, friends and/or family members helped you through your journey in dealing with cancer and its effects? Share an act of kindness that stands out or resonates, and feel free to recognize those by name.​”

Congratulations to artists: Dr. Elana Ashley, Donna Bliss, David Brodsky, Leslie Carrara-Rudolph, Aimee Clinger, Heather Cox, VA. dePintor, Michael Gallagher, Noelle Garcia, Erin McNamara, Robbi Montgomery, Warren Perlstein, Rebecca Roberts-Kerns, Caren Helene Rudman, Lilach Schrag, Heather Sepanik, Corrina Sephora, Aya Tsuchiya, Elena Van den Akker, Nancy VanKanegan, Kaitlin Walsh, Richard Zeid

Caren Helene Rudman, Curator and juror: