Overcoming Creative Anxiety (WM28)

Instructor(s): Zoe Carlson

Winter Mini, 1 Day, Dates 17-Dec
Instructor(s): Zoe Carlson
Meets Monday Evening 6pm-8pm
Course Type: Winter Mini Workshop

Does the flow of creativity make waves in your head, but struggles to spill out onto the page? Does staring into the abyss of a white canvas make your heart race with fear? If so, creative anxiety may be the culprit. Anxiety can inhibit the most creative people at every step in their art making process, from starting a project to following through and finishing it. In this workshop, we will be exploring the root of these fears and learn exercises that can help you unleash your free creative expression.

Class ID #: WM28-M

Pricing: $65.00$75.00
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