Family Zoo: Beyond Origami (WM24)

Instructor(s): Mindy Tiberi

Winter Mini, 1 Day, Dates 15-Dec
Instructor(s): Mindy Tiberi
Meets Saturday Morning 10am-12:30pm
Course Type: Winter Mini Workshop

Become a paper folding vegan taxidermy master! Learn to make colorful animal head sculptures from “Resident” Design’s custom paper animal kits. Assembly required and that’s why you're taking this workshop. While the kits will take a while to assemble, you'll get off to the right start by learning the proper assembly techniques of cutting, scoring, folding and gluing. You can finish your kit at home if needed. Note: No animals will be harmed during the making of these paper sculptures. Paper folding kits will be available for purchase in advance (kit prices range from $25.- $75.). For ages 10 and up.

Class ID #: WM24-M

Pricing: $75.00$85.00
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