Draw Your Heart Out: The Art of Keeping a Daily Sketchbook Journal (N310)

Instructor(s): Anne Leuck

Winter, 10 Weeks, Dates January 8- March 12
Instructor(s): Anne Leuck
Meets Tuesday Afternoon 12pm-2:30pm
Course Type: Class

In this class you will learn to illustrate your daily life with words and images while exploring the themes of time and place, personal identity and emotion. Anne will give you the inspiration to create a habit that will get you more present and mindful of the magical little moments in your life and creative ways of representing them, while clearing the clutter from your mind, silencing your inner critic and literally drawing out your fears, hopes and dreams. Using pens and markers in a graphic journal, you will learn fun and colorful techniques to decorate your handwriting with playful designs, zany pattern play and funky page layouts. All levels welcome.

Class ID #: N310-M

Pricing: $375.00$395.00
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