Dragon Tiger Qi-Gong (N800)

Instructor(s): Richard Schnadig

Winter, 10 Weeks, Dates January 9- March 13
Instructor(s): Richard Schnadig
Meets Wednesday Evening 6:30pm - 7:45pm
Course Type: Class

Dragon Tiger is a highly effective qi-gong form for cultivating chi (energy). Practiced over 1400 years ago, it has become a mainstay in cancer support among many Chinese hospitals. Encompassing 7 distinct forms, it creates a water-like flow of energy throughout the body, releasing blockages and helping to maintain balance and homeostasis. Along with Dragon Tiger, the class will warm up with Tai Chi Ruler, an ancient technique proving highly effective in opening up the major Dantiens and Chakras.

Class ID #: N800-M

Pricing: $205.00$225.00
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