Art in the Time of Quarantine

Exhibition Description:

The Art Center Highland Park (TACHP) put out a call for artwork made during the stay at home order, asking if it is still possible to connect through art and if so how? The seventy-three artists from twenty-two states throughout the US and one entrant from Russia, with over 160 works of art selected, express a range of ideas and emotions coming out of this time. As the guest juror, James Lynch, Executive Director TACHP noted, “The work in the exhibit reflects the varied filters that artists applied to this situation from landscapes to literal reflections and interpretations of the virus.”  How artists and galleries share their work may have changed, but the need to share reactions to the world are vital and continue to thrive as seen in this powerful virtual exhibit.

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Exhibiting Artists:

Matthew Anderson, Lino Azevedo, Marcia Babler, Sandie Bacon, Warner Ball, Brandin Baron, Joe Bednarski, Jody Berns, Robert Bolla, David Brodsky, Suzette Bross, Owen Brown, Alexandra Buxbaum, Holly Campbell, Abbi Chase, Lydia Cheng, Sarah Ciampa, Justin Coe, Irene (Rieny G.) Cualoping, Drew Dodge, Becca Drach, Andrew Elsten, Ana Fleming, Linny Freeman, Katryna Gagle, Jeanne Garrett, Mo Gerngross, Kate Glowinski, John Hatlestad, Christine Hubbard, Johnson Hunt, Rickie Jacobs, Koon Hwee Kan, Deborah Katchko- Gray, Mary King, Mark Lakos, Melissa Lampl, Kim Han Le, Lezlie Lenz, Gabriela Leyva, Angela Lombardo, Bob London, Justin Martin, Mildred Morgue, David Morris, Shirley Nannini, Indrani Nayar-Gall, Randi O’Brien. Denise Orlin, Hyunju Park, Denise Presnell, Jayson Randall, Gonzalez Ronald, Rachel Rosell, Cheri Saffro, Delia Seeberg, Gareth Seigel, Heather Sepanik, Peggy Shearn, Estella Levin, Tobi Star Abrams, Cheryl Steiger, Susan Straub-Martin, Marco Tanzi, Jessica Tepora, Margaret Thompson, Michele Thrane, Frank Vega, Mary Vollero, Jessica Wagner, Ronald Walker Andrew Wohl