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“Microcosmic,” June 19 – December 4, 2019

The exhibition, Microcosmic invites us to think about the effects of scale and perspective in our daily lives and as a tool for artmaking. Although not observable to us normally, solar systems, galaxies, and universes operate on a macroscale in which our Earth is intimately connected. On the other side of the scale, the tiniest particles of matter influence our essential biological functions at the cellular level. Technology helps us observe the micro and the macro, but these extreme scales often fall into abstraction.

How do we perceive objects and phenomenon that are drastically different scales than ourselves? How can artists use scale to shift the viewer’s perspective? Microcosmic invites you to submit work that takes this proposal as a starting point for your own interpretation.

How to Submit

Please submit 1-3 images as well as the entry form to by June 7, 2019. Images must be high resolution JPEG files saved in the following format: Title of Work_Artist Last Name. Submissions must be hand delivered, no shipments will be accepted.

Submission Deadline June 7, 2019. The entry form and full prospectus can be found in the linked PDF below. For more information, please call TACHP office at (847) 432-1888 or email Zoe Carlson, Exhibitions Coordinator at

Summer 2019 Art in City Hall Prospectus

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