Future Exhibits

Contemporary Native American Art &

Journey to America

 March 2- April 6, 2018 Opening Reception: March 9, 6-8pm, 2018

Congratulations to Artists:

Keoni Carlson, James Connolly, Noelle Garcia, Mary Krebs Smyth, Gerry Lang, Inkpa Mani Lara-Ruiz, Laura Lein-Svencner, Lezlie Lenz, Nora Moore Lloyd, Jeane McGrail, Fran Nagy, Robert Nonnemacher, Julia Oehmke, Ayanna Proctor, Tony Stenger, Howard Tatar, Karen Taylor, Frances Vail, Anne Farley Gaines, Emma Kowalenko, Gabriela Leyva, Jamie Luoto, Olena Marshall, Linda Massey, Kelly Mathews, Margoth Moreno, Juan-Carlos Perez, O. Gustavo Plascencia, Anne Redlich, Timo Rissanen, Barbara Thomas, Jessica Szuchyt, Elizabeth van den Akker, Raelis Vasquez, Mariko Ventura

2 extraordinary exhibits juxtaposing Contemporary Native American Art and Journey to America. The exhibits hung side by side will voice to individual stories, to create a dialogue in the context of the native population, each personal history and heritage affecting the true American Story. We hope to shed light on the America where diversity, with the differences of each journey at the core, shape our view and vision of how we look at immigration in America.

Guest Juror: Kathleen Piccione relocated to Santa Fe, New Mexico in 2011 to fulfill a lifelong dream of emphasizing subjects that she is passionate about. Her close ties to native people and culture, as well as her own Chippewa ancestry has given her the desire to create meaningful pieces depicting the spiritual side of native people, southwest genre, and the animals and wildlife that are dearest to her heart. Kathleen’s work has won various awards and has been shown in galleries in Wisconsin, Utah, Nevada, Arizona, Oregon, Illinois and New Mexico and is also in various private collections. Her murals are shown throughout the U.S.

Guest Juror: Montserrat Alsina
Montserrat Alsina was born in Valencia, Venezuela. She studied Visual Arts, Psychology, and Education at Rhodes College. In 1988, she completed study in Performance at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. She currently works in a variety of visual media. She has danced for nine years with Nahui Ollin, a traditional Aztec dance group which has performed in Chicago and toured nationally. She and her husband, Robertao Ferreyra, are the founders of Colibri Studio/Gallery in Pilsen. Alsina has extensive teaching experience. She worked for ten years at Francis W. Parker School and has taught for A.R.T., Marwen Foundation, Gallery 37, and at many schools and institutions.