Telling the Photographic Story

Instructor(s): Gina Grillo

Spring 2017|8 wks, April 3- June 3
Meets Wednesday Afternoon 1:00pm-3:30pm
Course Type: Class

An exploration of visual storytelling through photography.  This class is for beginning and advanced photographers with an interest in crafting a story through the use of the photographic image.  The changing face of technology has made it essential for photographers to think beyond their greatest hits photographs.  In this class you will build on your interest in photography and learn the skills necessary to create a dynamic photo story.  One on one instructor feedback and guidance will be key.  An introduction to the historic and contemporary trends in visual storytelling and the opportunity to share your work in a safe and supportive environment will be provided.  Methods for narrative development, editing, sequencing, and pacing will also be covered.  Participants will select their own narrative theme -- as it relates to individual interests i.e., travel, family, hobby or other – and create a photo story to support artistic style and creative communication in digital print and online formats.

Class ID #: D031-M

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