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Art enriches the quality of life for everyone. From toddlers experimenting with finger paints to senior citizens learning to use the potter’s wheel, The Art Center brings the arts to life through hundreds of classes, monthly exhibitions, special educational events and outreach programs every year. The Art Center is proud to partner with area schools, surrounding communities, and other organizations to offer scholarships and outreach programs that help extend the benefits and reach of the arts. TAC offers over 200 scholarships per year to local students, adults and senior citizens. TAC also offers summer internships to High School and College students in the area each summer. With your support, we can continue to offer the highest quality arts education for children, teens and adults in Highland Park and the surrounding communities.

Art Start Scholarship Program

Art Start insures that students who have an interest and who can benefit from an art education are able to participate in TAC classes despite any financial need. Area schools also identify types of classes students may need for portfolio development. School teachers and social service organizations identify and refer students who can benefit. Seniors, adults, and children can apply and take advantage of this program.  

Deborah Fell Scholarship Program

A scholarship fund has been developed for the Spring 2017 session in the name of Deborah Fell. The Deborah Fell Scholarship Fund is granting four course scholarships to TAC students. Scholarships can be applied to any TAC course including children's classes. Applications for this need based scholarship are available for download or in the TAC front office. The Deadline to apply is March 22, 2017.

About Deborah Fell

Deborah Fell was a vital part of the Highland Park community.  She grew up in Sunset Park and then years later returned to raise her children.  She ran the women's department at the family business, The Fell Company until the store closed and she then opened up her own artisan shop.  It was there where she began to create her amazing forms and room constructions.  Deborah's warmth and creative spirit was felt by any one blessed to have crossed her path.  For her family, she was loving, caring, kind and always there to support and nurture.
"Deborah Fell's creativity knew no bounds. Her process began early in the morning and went on all day through late evenings. She worked on several pieces simultaneously, mixing media, genres and themes. Watching her create her constructions was like sitting in the audience of a beautifully choreographed dance performance.
Her  room constructions, collages, paintings, drawings, wall hangings, fabric art and  fashion design forms- all told a similar story- one of a fantastical fantasy in a different, beautiful, feminine and peaceful place.
Deborah Fell's incredibly vast and unique body of work crosses decades, medium and boundaries. She was consistent in her need to create, and created pieces thoughtfully, passionately and with reckless abandon. She is an absolute inspiration."
Written by her daughter, Sara Sandler Greisberg

Make Art Count

Make Art Count (MAC) is a partnership between The Art Center and local community centers, including Nuestro Centro in Highwood, IL. The Art Center sponsors weekly art classes as part of a greater outreach effort to surrounding areas.

Joyeria Instruction Programs

The Art Center recognizes that for many individuals, attending professional art classes is a financial challenge. In our community of Highland Park, The Art Center works collaboratively to build and sustain art programs for Latina women in Joyeria y Textiles. At two, year-round, classes in jewelry and textiles, participants develop their traditional craft skills, and begin the process of learning to market their handcrafted artwork in the marketplace. This program is partially funded by the Highland Park Cultural Arts Commission in partnership with the Illinois Arts Council, a state agency.

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