Designing Through a Lens

Instructor(s): Dennis Barnett

Spring 2017| 3 wks, April 3- April 17 Meets Monday Evening 6:30pm-8:30pm Course Type: Class

This is a “thinking” photography course that, unlike so many other courses that teach how to take, process and retouch images, takes a step back from the camera itself and emphasizes how to “see” what we photograph and make it work as an image. It differentiates between simply looking in front of us, and creatively discerning what they see. It is about composition, light, interpreting objects into shape and form, and re-educating ourselves on how to appreciate that which exists in its natural form. It is not a technical course, only touching on post-processing when necessary. It takes the individual from simply taking pictures to making beautiful images.

Class ID #: D103-M

Pricing: $110.00$130.00
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